Volunteer Opportunities

Woman holding Christmas donations

Monthly Birthday Party

Murphy-Harpst capitalizes on every opportunity to celebrate the children in our care. Each month we hold a group birthday party on campus for all of the children, hosted by volunteer groups.

Foster family

Fellowship at Event

For many of the children at Murphy-Harpst, transiency means a lack of meaningful relationships. As we host events throughout the year, we invite volunteers to join us simply to provide company to our residents.

Kids playing volleyball

Sponsor a Summer Fun Friday

Various volunteer groups from across the state come to our main campus throughout the summer to provide recreational activities to residents. They’re often the highlight of the week for our children.


Bring a Work Team to Campus

Much of the landscaping and renovation work done on campus is performed by volunteers, allowing Murphy-Harpst to focus donations directly toward the children in our care.

Children washing a car

Plan a Donation Drive

We rely on donations for hygiene items, school supplies, and birthday or Christmas gifts for our residents. We can point your organization in the direction of items we need immediately as well as ongoing needs.

5k fundraiser

Conduct a Fundraiser

Rallying your organization or community to raise funds for Murphy-Harpst is a great way to make a big impact in a small way. We’ve got resources to get you started and will provide support along the way.

Join our team of over 1,000 volunteers who help Murphy-Harpst every year.

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Why Volunteer?

Share your Talents

Whatever your gifts, there’s an opportunity at Murphy-Harpst to put them to good use. If you’ve got an idea of a way you can help, get in touch with us!

Provide Support

Providing a listening ear or a moment of respite for our children, our staff, or our foster parents allows for those at Murphy-Harpst to know they are loved and supported.

Build Community

The children under the care of Murphy-Harpst are all from Georgia. Investing into their future is an investment into the future or our state, cities and communities.

Volunteers’ Impact

Jennifer McMullen
Teddy bears

Jennifer McMullen is a very familiar name to our Murphy-Harpst team due to her history of giving, church and corporate connections, and her constant championing of our mission with family and friends. In her own words, “I became involved with MH probably 15 or so years ago via the Angel Tree at Northside United Methodist Church here in Atlanta. I would always pick a couple names of older kids because I always felt everyone picked the younger kids, and I never wanted anyone to be left out. The kids used to come to the church and we had a presentation of gifts, but as the program got bigger, that stopped, and I missed the feeling of engagement directly with the kids. Because of that I reached out to the coordinator at NUMC and started getting more involved through Northside.

“Then about 5 years ago, I started working directly with the Advancement team at Murphy-Harpst to sponsor kids because, again, I really liked feeling like I was making a difference in their lives. I started reaching out to friends, family, and work colleagues to sponsor kids. Then as the support grew, I moved to having my own Friends-of-Jennifer Murphy-Harpst Wish List and donating dollars to directly help with Christmas activities. This has been so incredible,and people have been so generous. Both the wish list and dollar amount of the donations have grown. I couldn’t do all this without the amazing support and generosity of so many.

Teddy bears

Celebrating a Century of Care

Over the last 100 years we’ve provided hope and healing to hundreds of Georgia’s children. Join us in celebrating our 100th anniversary and explore the opportunities to be a part of this historic milestone!