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Murphy-Harpst High Schoolers Celebrate Prom On Campus

Aside from meeting the everyday needs of the children in our care, Murphy-Harpst does all we can to ensure our residents experience all of the major milestones and events that many of us take for granted. Alongside events like birthday parties and outings, each Spring our staff and volunteers throw a prom for our high schoolers. This year’s prom was hosted and sponsored by Cascade United Methodist Church in Atlanta, who helped plan and fund the event, providing catering and a photographer.

Volunteers do nails for prom attendees

In the weeks prior to the event, residents were able to choose from donated formalwear to see if there was something that fit. If not, boys and girls were taken to rent or purchase dresses and tuxedos to make sure they looked their best. Boys were taken to the barber shop for a fresh haircut in the days leading up to the event, and the girls spent the day leading up to the dance getting their hair, nails and makeup done by our staff and volunteers from the community. Boutonnieres and corsages were provided by a staff member.

Once everyone was ready, residents took pictures in the circle with their dates and as a group before heading inside. This year’s prom theme was “Galaxy,” and volunteers from Cascade United Methodist Church wowed the residents with decorations. Our chapel was transformed into an event space with tablecloths, seat covers, table settings and a balloon arch with a sequin backdrop for pictures. The party was catered by TNT Creations, and the children had a blast dancing to their favorite songs from DJ G Flyy. A prom queen and king were elected by students and staff.

Prom decorations by Cascade UMC

We want to thank our volunteers, especially the Recreation staff, for organizing this event. Special thanks to Cascade UMC for their help planning, funding and decorating, and Lost Mountain Kiwanis for donating formalwear to be used in future proms. If you or your organization would like to help with next year’s prom or would like to find out more about other events hosted on campus, please contact our Director of Recreation Jessica Morgan.