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Employee Spotlight: Cora Canty

A smiling woman with cornrowed hair stands in front of a brick wall on a sunny day.

Cora started working at Murphy-Harpst on January 24th, 1986

Positions held: Cottage Life Assistant, Cottage Leader, Therapist, Acting Personnel Coordinator, Prevent Team Coordinator, Cottage Supervisor, Social Worker for former Outdoor Wilderness Program, Public School Liaison, and School Services Coordinator

“The children of Murphy-Harpst have always been the highlight of my time here. Over the years, I have continuously had kids tell me that I CANNOT retire. When I ask them why, I always receive the same answer: ‘We need you.’ So, I find myself staying year after year, and since I keep staying, one year turned into thirty-eight!”
Our youth often refers to Cora as “their grandma!”

“When I started working at Murphy-Harpst, I wasn’t married, but I got married and had all my children while working here, and the staff and our residents have always been supportive. Several colleagues came to my wedding, and they were there again through all of my pregnancies. Staff came to my house to support me, and celebrated me bringing life into the world: three girls! Now, I recently became a grandmother! Murphy-Harpst has been there for me while I built my family, and has accordingly, become a part of it too. I get to come to work every single day and see my family. Every child and adult has become one of my own.”