Murphy Harpst

Life and hope for children

They are the topic of heartbreaking news stories and devastating statistics. They are Georgia’s most viciously abused children. For them, Murphy-Harpst, a nonprofit residential treatment center, is an emotional, spiritual and physical safe haven. 

Our program provides round-the-clock therapeutic care that enables children to heal and recover so that they can re-engage with society and lead productive lives.

For nearly a century, Murphy-Harpst has successfully treated thousands of children by building the environment necessary to reverse the cycle of a lifetime of cruelty and neglect.

A ministry of the United Methodist Church, Murphy-Harpst relies on goodwill and contributions. However, the need is great and the cost is large. In order to continue to provide quality care from our trained medical staff, we need your help.


                   740 Fletcher Street

                                 Cedartown, GA  30125

                                    (P) 770-748-1500

                                    (F) 770-749-1094