Transitional Living Program
The Transitional Living Program is a campus-based program for adolescent ages 16 to 21 who are preparing for independent living.

Transitional Living affords the youth an opportunity to practice independent living skills in a variety of settings with decreasing levels of supervision.  The Transitional Living Program is the logical next step for adolescents who need further supportive services and independent skills and training, yet have outgrown group homes or residential treatment programs, or whose family situation is not safe.

Each youth admitted to the program has demonstrated an interest and ability in improving life skills towards a goal of becoming a stable and productive member of the local community. Youth living in the Transitional Living Program are placed on an educational or vocational track with the supervision of a therapist. These youth are able to get jobs in the community, and many attend high school or college off campus. While still enjoying the support and services Murphy-Harpst provides, they are learning life skills such as cooking, budgeting, and time management.

For more details and placement information on our Transitional Living Program, please contact:

Jason Murphy,  Admissions Manager
770-748-1500 ext.209

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