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Bhavini Solanki of Amerigroup Shares Her Experiences with the Evolve Initiative

Bhavini Solanki has been with Amerigroup for over 10 years, leading the Georgia Families 360 team for the past 3. The Georgia Family 360 team at Amerigroup coordinates healthcare, wellness visits, vision and dental care, prescriptions, specialty doctor services, hospital stays and behavioral health services for children in Georgia’s Foster Care system, children receiving Adoption Assistance and select youth in the Juvenile Justice system. Bhavini was gracious enough to spend some time with us and explain Amerigroup’s involvement in and impressions of our Evolve Initiative Homes.

Bhavini, tell us a little about yourself and how you came to work in this field.

I have always worked with underserved populations, starting with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. When I moved to Georgia in 2005 I began working with families in child welfare doing in-home therapy, assessments, etc.  I love being able to help families by introducing them to resources that can bring stability, whatever that might look like.  There are so many environmental influences that we cannot control, but we can learn how to love our children, learn how to parent them effectively, how to manage our money, and how to leverage resources.  I love seeing children thrive and seeing families grow together.  As a Licensed Professional Counselor myself, I love the relationship Amerigroup has with providers.  I appreciate the ability to share ideas and grow ideas together, like the Evolve Initiative. 

Describe for us the impact of MHCC’s Evolve Initiative in Augusta and why it is so important to children, families, and communities.

Being able to bring this level of care back to the state is a critical step in the right direction for our state and our system of care. Having a place that is structured and yet feels like home is a much-needed option for so many of our kids.  I am so very grateful for the opening of the transgendered home, as I hold a special place in my heart for any person that society feels does not “fit.”  Clinical treatment is not gendered and unnecessary focus on that area takes away from the true mission of therapeutic treatment, so I have high hopes for the youth placed in all of these Evolve Homes. The number of kids that have been able to reunite with families, move into adoption, etc, has been great.  That meets the whole purpose of this program: moving young people to permanency. 

Do you think there is a need for more Evolve homes in Georgia?

YES!  My dream is for homes in each region of the state as the need is there. 

What has your experience been like working with the leadership and staff at Murphy-Harpst?

Murphy Harpst has always been a great partner to Amerigroup. As a Behavioral Health Utilization Manager, I worked with staff at Murphy-Harpst on authorizations and documentation.  Those conversations always led to positive change. In my role as the Georgia Families 360 lead, I have had great discussions with Murphy-Harpst leadership on how we can partner together and meet the gaps in the system of care. The creation of the Evolve Homes has been a great collaborative partnership.