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Murphy-Harpst has an outpatient treatment clinic that offers assessment services, individual, group, and family psychotherapy, psychiatric and nursing care and in-home therapeutic services to Medicaid eligible youth, and their families. The outpatient program allows clinicians working with youth in the residential programs to continue uninterrupted services when they reintegrate into the community.  All residents of Murphy-Harpst are eligible to receive their psychiatric treatment with our Core Community Services. Core Community Services Offers:

Individual Therapy is provided to youth in the residential and outpatient programs by a licensed professional counselor or clinical psychologist. The therapist defines behavioral and therapeutic goals for recovery which are monitored by the treatment team and documented on the treatment plan. These individualized treatment plans are supplemented for our residents through recreation opportunities as well. Each residential child attends a minimum of one therapeutic session per week.

Family Therapy is offered to children’s families who are available and willing to participate. Therapists examine family dynamics, strengths and challenges to develop plans providing structure, consistency, and appropriate boundaries. Family Therapy can also include communication tactics and skill building.

Group Therapy and skills training are provided to assist children recovering from abuse, depression, anxiety problems, and substance abuse. Group formats are also utilized to help build skills in the areas of conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, the development of independent living and other crucial life skills.  The objective of group therapies is to allow youth to learn from one another and reduce stress and conflict.

Substance Abuse Counseling for Adolescents Many of our youth come to Murphy-Harpst with substance abuse and addiction issues. We provide thorough assessments for each patient struggling with substance abuse, and support them on a healing journey towards a substance-free life.

Psychiatric Assessments and Care Assessment Services are provided by clinical psychologists, child psychiatrists, registered nurses, and professional counselors. Assessments include a review of the biological, environmental, educational, and psychological factors that contribute to behavioral and emotional problems.  These results are compiled and form the basis for the comprehensive treatment plan.

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